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Quality Assurance

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. stands behind every service that it provides.


This quality service guarantee is achievable through the

Archimidis Quality Assurance Program.


Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. Quality Assurance Program

Our QA Program is a unique management system designed to measure, review and continually improve the level of service provided to each customer.

Quality is assured using specially tailored QA inspection Forms.  QA Inspection Forms are used to outline all areas of the facility plus the specific service requirements of each area.  Performance is then monitored using these forms, on a consistent basis, to ensure flawless delivery of the services specified.

This quality assurance process guarantees against quality concerns surfacing by early identification of the service shortfalls.  Archimidis’ QA program has proven to be a valuable tool to both the contractor and property management.

The QA Inspections Forms provide the contractor precise documentation of the management’s service requirements so that the contractor can effectively plan and achieve, and ultimately surpass, management’s expectations.

Completed forms act as a catalyst to open communication between both parties.  Routine independent inspection by senior company management adds another layer of protection to ensure world class facilities maintenance services.

Archimidis’ reputation depends on its ability to delight its customers by exceeding service expectations.  Our Quality Assurance Program is a vital component to achieving service success.

Weekly Inspections

Every week the Area Manager inspects one specific area of your facility and completes the appropriate Quality Assurance Form.  This form will be entered into a binder that is left on site and is used during the Archimdis’ monthly management meetings.  The binder is also useful to management for monitoring the specific area.

Monthly Inspections

On a minimum of a monthly basis, the Director of Operations performs a complete inspection of the facility.  All aspects of Archimidis’ operation, including health and safety, WHMIS and the condition of equipment and supplies onsite are carefully scrutinized.

The area supervisor is required to participate in this tour so and deficiency is rectified immediately.  The Director of Operations completes and delivers a documented report to the President and sends a copy of this report to the property management for their comments.

Both parties may refer to this report during the monthly management meetings.

Monthly Management Meetings

Every month a management meeting is held to review all Quality Assurance Inspection forms and reports. Management, the Archmidis’ area supervisor, and the Archmidis’ Director of Operations, actively participate in these informative sessions.
It is Archmidis’s hands on management philosophy that ensures its most senior management attend these meetings; the President of Archmidis Building Maintenance Inc. often attends the monthly management meetings as well, as further evidence of the company’s commitment to ensuring superior service.

These monthly management meetings serve to identify any concerns raised by property management or the contractor.

We are able to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by keeping an open mind and consistently talking with customers about opportunities and concerns.  By meeting face to face with clients on an on going basis, Archimdis’ remains accountable through open communication.

Management Stays in touch


Archmidis differentiates itself from the competition because the directors of the business maintain a visible presence in every building.

Although we place tremendous importance on its Quality Assurance Program, every employee knows, from the cleaners to senior management, that all work is constantly monitored by our Management and Directors.

This visibility ensures that Archimdis world class cleaning standards will be delivered on consistent basis.