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    Carpet Cleaning

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. offers affordable commercial carpet cleaning services in the GTA.  We can accommodate special events, real estate agents with new and resale property, rental properties, apartments, move in/out services and much more.

As we all know, carpets are a big investment.  Professional carpet cleaning gives your office the look it deserves.  Dirt and Soil can quickly work its way deep into the fibers of the carpet and over time dull the carpet.  By letting us implement a routine maintenance program, you will protect that investment and prolong the life of your carpets.  Carpets should be cleaned at least once every 6-12 months or more often depending on traffic flow.

Our carpet cleaners are specially trained to provide our clients the highest quality standards in the carpet cleaning industry using several methods in order to provide the best results and get your carpets clean as new.  Our methods are based on the fibers your carpets are made of and its condition.  We guarantee all of our work to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

As a trusted leader with a solid reputation for high quality workmanship, integrity, and affordable pricing in the carpet cleaning industry, our services are always backed with our Satisfaction Guarantee.  With our Guarantee, you will have no more worries about hidden charges, carpet over wetting, shrinkage, mildew, harmful odors or vapors, or cleaning residue.  All cleaning agents we use are non-toxic and Environmentally Safe!

When our certified and friendly technicians arrive at your business, they are prepared to inspect all areas that are to be cleaned.  During this inspection, our technician evaluates the carpets condition, identifies special areas of concern with the owner and will review the best cleaning process for their job.  Thereafter, a written or oral estimate is given to the customer prior to services starting along with the expectations of the services to be rendered to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Over time, dirt, grease and other contaminants become trapped below the surface into the pores of the grout.  When this happens, your grout will appear dark, dirty, and may even be discolored.  When it gets this bad, a mop with a heavy scrubbing or harsh cleaners just isn’t going to help!

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. understands you have more important things to do with your time than scrubbing tile.  We use the newest equipment with up to 250 degrees of heat and 1000 psi to clean, sanitize and protect tiles and grout.  We vow that your grout is returned to its original color and your tile to its newly bought lustrous shine before your very eyes.  You will be stunned at the difference and the exceptionally clean surfaces!  We will guarantee you immediately dried floors!

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Janitorial Services

Let’s face it, janitorial services are a competitive business in the GTA.

What makes us any different than the rest? 

Simple! We are diligent in upholding our company standards and in making your facility sparkle with our excellent commercial cleaning services!

Our client retention is extremely high for the fact that we continue to focus on their company needs whereby others forget about them once the money starts rolling in.  Our clients have come to trust and consistently rely on our excellent and quality janitorial services.  Whether it is a single or multiple locations, we have a custom and unique plans tailored for your specific cleaning needs ensuring a clean, secure facility.

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, we provide a plethora of janitorial services to meet our client’s specific needs. We will perform an on-site survey to better understand and discuss the client’s potential needs.  Afterwards, we will provide you with a custom Cleaning Proposal.

If the client agrees and accepts our company for their cleaning needs, our priority becomes client satisfaction and performing the best job possible.  It’s that simple!

Warehouse Cleaning

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. provides warehouse cleaning services in the GTA.

We understand that the cleanliness of your facility speaks highly about your professionalism and overall organization.  After many years of warehouse cleaning, you will discover that our company aims in achieving a safe and spotless environment for our clients to always reflect the quality and professionalism of your company.

Our warehouse cleaning services start with our arrival at your job site where we begin by removing dust and debris by vacuuming or sweeping.  We then begin  preparing the floors for a total wet scrub using biodegradable solutions and degreasing agents as needed.  The floors are then scrubbed extensively and followed up with a sealant or refinish to complete the task at hand.  The floors are left in an almost dry condition to not effect any packaging, stock or pallets on the flooring.  All warehouse floors are completely dry within an hour.

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. will gladly perform an on-site survey to better understand and discuss your warehouse cleaning needs as quickly as possible.

Office Cubicle Cleaning

Archimidis Cleaning Solutions Inc. specializes in office chair and cubicle cleaning in the GTA.

We will effectively remove all allergen particles from dust mites to viruses to bacteria from your partition dividers/fabric walls.  Unless your cubicle areas are cleaned regularly, all these “characters of destruction” will continue to cause havoc on your office health while it’s floating in the air and being transferred among the employees.

Since most office companies do not have daily vacuuming of their cubicles areas included in their cleaning schedules, the contaminants continue to grow will worsen over time.  By cleaning your office cubicles regularly you are improving your office’s air quality and productivity for employees while decreasing sickness and absence of work!

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Are you considering us for your cleaning needs?

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